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Category Pub. Date Title Description
Coaching 2018 Taking Teacher Coaching To Scale Education Next website article by Matthew A. Kraft and David Blazar
Coaching 2017 The Effect of Teacher Coaching on Instruction and Achievement: A Meta-Analysis of the Causal Evidence Article by Matthew A. Kraft (Brown University), David Blazar (Harvard University) and Dylan Hogan (Brown University)
Coaching 2016 20 Tips for New Instructional Coaches Article by Elena Aquila for Edutopia
Coaching 2016 TEACHER COACHING A collection of think-pieces about professional development & leadership through teacher coaching A collection of think-pieces by Rachel Lofthouse for the Research Centre for Learning and Teaching, Newcastle University
Coaching 2016 Teacher peer coaching; a story of trust, agency and enablers BERA (British Educational Research Association) article by Rachel Lofthouse & Emma Bulmer
Coaching 2010 Coaching for teaching and learning: a practical guide for schools Report for the CfBT Education Trust by Rachel Lofthouse, David Leat and Carl Towler
Deliberate Practice 2016 PRACTICE WITH PURPOSE: The Emerging Science of Teacher Expertise Deans for Impact article
Mentoring and Coaching 2020 CollectiveEd working papers collated contents pages Contains loads of articles about coaching and mentoring. The link to each issue is at the top of each page
Mentoring and Coaching 2019 National framework and resources from CUREE National framework and resources for Mentoring and Coaching from CUREE
Standards 2016 National Standards for school-based initial teacher training (ITT) mentors National Standards for school-based initial teacher training (ITT) mentors
Teacher Agency 2017 Talking about education: exploring the significance of teachers’ talk for teacher agency Article by Gert Biesta, Mark Priestley and Sarah Robinson in the Journal of Curriculum Studies, Vol 49, 2017, Issue 1
Teacher Agency 2015 The role of beliefs in teacher agency Article by Gert Biesta, Mark Priestley & Sarah Robinson in Teachers and Teaching: Theory and Practice, Vol. 21 (2015) - Issue 6
Teacher Identity 2019 Constructing Teachers’ Professional Identities International perspectives from Philippa Cordingley, Bart Crisp, Paige Johns, Thomas Perry, Carol Campbell, Miranda Bell and Megan Bradbury, Education International Research