Mentors play a crucial role in the development of novice teachers and those in the early stages of their careers. What makes a good mentor? The government have recently identified key criteria and set these out as National Standards for School-Based Mentors.

Using the National Standards we have designed a mentor development tool that helps mentors to audit their current practice, target areas for improvement and upload evidence relevant to their mentoring skills.   


Whilst individual mentors may purchase a portfolio for £60 + VAT, we anticipate that in the main our Mentor Development Portfolio will be purchased by teacher training providers, MATs and schools that wish to support mentor development. There are substantial discounts when purchasing larger numbers of portfolios; for example 15 portfolios cost £600 + VAT. Our pricing policy can be found here

We offer a free trial to teacher training providers and schools that wish to discover more about our mentor development portfolio, so please pass on our contact details to those you think may be interested. .